Research Projects

The CWDS Faculty undertakes research on diverse themes. These reflect engagement with continuing themes as well as newer areas within the broad framework of our objectives. Our research frameworks combine qualitative and quantitative methods with analysis of micro studies, macro-data sets, and oral narratives, to critically reflect on the trends as well as policy issues emerging from these.

The broad research areas currently include:

  • Globalisation, women and work
  • Democracy, politics and governance
  • The Rights of the child
  • Early Child Marriage
  • Sex Ratios
  • Law and systems of justice
  • Statistics and gender indicators
  • Migration and Citizenship
  • Labour, Law and Migration
  • Women and Violence
  • Disability
  • Gender and Conflict
  • Gender and Education
  • Histories of the women’s movement
  • Women’s Studies and Feminism
  • Gender and Disability
  • Women and Health

Major International & National Projects by International & National agencies since 2011

  • Springer Project on Production of A Handbook of Critical Disability Studies in a Globalizing World, collaboration with School of Health Policy & Management Faculty of Health, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Violence Against Girls and Women with Physical Disabilities in India: Understanding the Issues and Promoting Legal Empowerment, Supported by South Asia Women’s Fund
  • Maternity Care Provision, Medical Dominance and Healthcare Market in India, supported by ICSSR
  • Research Overview: Early and Child Marriage, supported by UNFPA
  • Case Study of the Forum for Crèches Child Care Services, Support Women in Informal Employment – WIEGO Social Protection Programme
  • MGNREGA, Asset Creation and Rural Development: An Evaluation of Category B Assets in Selected States, supported by NIRD
  • Labour Law and the Migrant Worker, supported by Oak Foundation
  • Work in Freedom: Evidence from Odisha – supported by London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • The Political Economy of Sex Selection: Exploring Family/Development Linkages, support from UNFPA and UN Women
  • Interrogating Violence against Women from the other Side: An Exploratory study into the World of Perpetrators, Supported by National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)
  • Gender Dimensions of the Urban Labour Market: Investigating the terms of women’s inclusion and exclusion” supported by ICSSR
  • Delhi-Capturing Women’s Lives in a City in Transition: An Oral History, in collaboration with India International Centre. ICHR
  • Strengthening ECCD in India through capacity building, advocacy and Research, support from Plan India
  • Conducting Desk based Review on the availability of Gender Related Data Statistics by UNFPA
  • Gender and Governance in Conflict Zones: A South Asian Perspective, supported by IDRC
  • Indigenous Midwives and their Skills in Contributing to the Wellbeing of Birthing Women and Newborns (The ‘Jeeva’ Project), supported by Ministry of AYUSH and ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth (IFIG)