National Conference

National Conference on Disability, Gender and Violence: Issues and Challenges

30 August 2018

New Delhi

We invite Abstracts (250 and 500 words) from Academics, Researchers, Students, Activists, Legal Professionals and Others working on the above topic on any of the following Sub-Themes.

  1. Disability and Multiple Forms of Violence (Physical, Emotional, Verbal, Sexual, Economic, Cultural and Social)
  2. Experiences of Violence Gender and Disability in Urban and Rural Areas.
  3. Disability, Gender and Discrimination
  4. Disability, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Violence
  5. Disability and Domestic Violence
  6. Abuse in Residential Institutions and Clinical Settings
  7. Disability, Violence and the Workplace
  8. Disability, Violence and Public Safety
  9. Disability, Violence and Accessibility
  10. Disability and Crime
  11. Disability, Violence and Law
  12. Disability and Engagement with Law Enforcement Agencies
  13. Disability and Poverty
  14. Research Methodologies on Gender, Violence and Disability
  15. Intervention Strategies to Combat Violence Against Persons With Disabilities

Abstracts with Title, Name, Institutional Affiliation, email and Mobile should be sent to: latest by 10 July 2018.

Please indicate Sub-Theme under which abstract is submitted. Abstracts not directly falling within the above Sub-Themes but broadly engaging with the topic of disability and violence may also be considered.

Candidates whose abstracts are selected will be asked to submit Papers/Presentations by 15 August 2018. Travel and local hospitality will be covered for participants invited to present at the Conference.