Collection Development

The Library has a well defined collection development policy and uses multi-prolonged strategies to develop and enrich its collection. It purchases published material on a regular basis by going through a variety of book selection tools. Its collection of institutional reports/ papers is developed primarily through networking at the local, regional, national and international levels.  This is further strengthened by personal visits, contacts, and regular correspondence with various women’s organizations and research institutions on a regular basis. Along with these channels, the Library also receives relevant material as gifts from individual scholars/ researchers and organizations from time to time.

The thrust subject areas over the last few years have been Feminist theory/ feminism, Girl child, Child rights, Child labour, Rural women, New economic policy, Structural adjustment, Financial institutions and credit, Panchayati raj, Environment, Health, Violence against women, Customary rights of women of the Northeast, Local governance, Reproductive health, History, Politics, Communalism, Women’s reservation, Land Reforms, Employment, Empowerment, Disabilities, Poverty, Informal Sectors, Law, Human Rights, Women’s Status, Domestic Violence, Biographies, Education, Literature, Media, Religion and Women’s studies.

The collection is primarily in the English language. There has been a conscious effort in the recent years to all create an information base materials in Hindi. Presently a reasonable number of documents are available in the Library.

The Library collection is growing steadily in the form of both published and unpublished materials.  The Library has a wide range of materials reflecting different forms – both physical and textual.

The Library Collection the following (as on 31st March, 2009):

Collection Total
Books/ Monographs/ Institutional Papers : 15,600
Conference Documents : 1460
CD-ROMs : 73
Posters : 425
Newspapers Clippings Files : 73
Subscribed/ Exchange   –   51
Complimentary             – 148
: 513
Bound Periodicals Volumes : 772