Bibliographical Projects

Voices of Resistance, Silence of Pain: An Annotated Bibliography on Violence Against Women /by Anju Vyas and Assisted by Naheed Mohsini and Madhu Shree.- New Delhi: CWDS, 1996. 305p.
The project was sponsored by the Department of Women and Child Development. It covered post 1980 material in both published and unpublished from on different forms of violence relating to women in the Indian context and contains over 750 annotated entries.
Gender Dimensions of Employment and Wages in Selected Asian Countries: an annotated bibliography /compiled by Anju Vyas and Meenu Chachra. Jointly published by CWDS and Asian Regional Team for Employment Promotion (ARTEP),1992.
The ARTEP sponsored project to prepare an annotated bibliography on Gender Structure of Employment and Wages in Asia. This covers a selection of recent literature on a wide range of issues relating to women’s employment, occupational diversification, wage structure, agricultural and industrial employment, organized and informal sector employment, migrant workers, and type of training. It has over 300 references to monographs, research reports, survey reports, case studies, conference papers proceedings. The period covered is from 1980 to 1990.
The Girl Child in India: A Bibliographic Compendium /by Anju Vyas and Madhu Mudgal.- New Delhi: Indian Bibliographies Bureau, 1992.
During the year of the Girl Child (1980), this project was sponsored by the Department of Women and Child Development. The bibliography covers published as well as unpublished material in English and Hindi. It has over 3000 references from books, monographs, research reports, these, journals and newspaper articles on the Indian Girl Child.
Women and Development Studies Information Network (1988-92).

CWDS Library initiated “Women and Development Studies Information Network” with other like minded organizations with the objective of dissemination of information through sharing and collaboration and to expand its outreach to students, activists, researchers and all others involved in working for women’s development around the country and outside.

Over 20 prestigious institutions/ libraries participated in the network and brought out various resources related to women. The project was sponsored by Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR).

The CWDS Library was designated as the NGO Focal point for ESCAP’s WINAP (Women’s Information Network for Asia and Pacific) Project. During the Beijing Conference, the following projects were coordinated:
  • List of Holdings of Women’s Periodicals from Asia and the Pacific Countries available in CWDS Library, 1995.
  • Women NGOs in India – A database, 1995. The information was collected through mailed questionnaires and a total number of 350 records were entered.
  • Hindi Translation and Printing of the Nairobi Forward Looking Strategies for the Advancement of Women and Jakarta Declaration for the Advancement of Women in Asia and the Pacific, 1994. A total of 1000 copies of were distributed.