Partnership with Peasant Women (and Men) in parts of Bankura and Purulia districts, West Bengal

  • Tasar Culture: Land based alternate livelihood activity of the Mahila Samitis in samiti villages engaged in tasar culture. It is an essential tool to resist the compulsion of seasonal migration.
  • Tasar Cocoon production  Employment generation through Tasar Cocoon production
  • Tasar DFLs production (Grainage) for employment generation
  • Babui Culture: Production of Babui grass. Samiti members used a part of this for rope making and the rest was sold to other samitis and private traders.
  • Bagicha (Wadi) Project: Implemented three Bagicha (Wadi) Projects in different phases in three blocks (Viz. Ranibandh, Raipur and Khatra) in Bankura district, with support from Nabard.
  • Plantation of fruit bearing trees i.e. Mango and Cashew, Potato, Water Melon, Gourd, Tomato, Pumpkin, Gourd, Mustard, Kurti Turmeric, Elephant foot yam etc. as intercrop.
  • Engagement in a variety of activities viz., Vermicomposting, poultry farming, puffed rice making, sal plate making by women’s groups
  • Infrastructure Development: Construction work of two new Broiler farms, one Grainage house and one rearing cum cocoon storage house., Water Tanks and Field huts
  • Soil conservation & Water Resource Development: Efforts of setting of Staggered Trenches in Bagichas, Water holes, Submersible pump, Hand Pump, Water harvesting structures, Water Tanks.
  • Supply Pump sets with required length of delivery pipe were supplied to the Village planning committee’s/Farmers’ groups.
  • Credit Programme: Micro-credit for purposes of development of family, agriculture, i.e. purchase of seeds and fertilizers.
  • This work involves liasing with Government /Non Government Deptt such as the  Deptt. of Sericulture, The Khadi Village & Industries Board, the District & Kolkata  Regional Office of NABARD, BCWD Govt. of West Bengal; BCKV (Kalyani & Jhargram), District, Sub-division & Block Offices, Panchayat samitis, Gram Panchayat level representatives and Officials.
  • Training and capacity building: Conducting workshops for members of Samitis, SHGs, Bagicha farmers’, Bagicha women’s groups, related to Tailoring, Maintenance of Tasar & Bagicha  plants, Harvesting and Marketing of Bagicha Crops, Grainage operation, Vermicomposting, Vegetable cultivation, Sal plate making, Broiler farming, Rabbit rearing etc.
  • Social welfare and development activities: Facilities crèches and Village libraries are being run.
  • Health & Nutrition: Organizing Health awareness programmes
  • Safe drinking water: Supply of water filters to Bagicha participants’ households through the women’s groups.
  • Research & documentation: Household surveys of Bagicha (Wadi) farmers, documentation – through interviews and photographs – of the success stories of Bagicha farmers and life histories of NBS members.