FORCES Network

The Centre is a founder member of the Forum for Creches and Child Care Services (FORCES) network.  The core vision of FORCES is that every child has the right to early childhood care and development including crèches and childcare services and that it is the state’s responsibility to ensure such services for all children, especially those of women working in the unorganized and informal sector. Since April 2007 it is housed at CWDS. The present coordinator is Savitri Ray and convenor Vasanthi Raman.

Today FORCES is an All India network comprising 50 member organizations (Trade unions, women’s organizations, NGOs and academics, lawyers, medical doctors, etc), individual members and eleven regional networks with their own membership. Its activities include grassroots mobilization, campaigns, policy intervention and research.

Regional Networks:

The regional networks are actively engaged in advocating the rights of the young child through the convening organization and its members.

Regional Network Convener Organisations
Delhi Mobile Creches
Orissa Committee for Legal Aid to Poor (CLAP)
Gujarat Centre for  Health Education Training and Nutrition Awareness (CHETNA)
Tamilnadu Foundation for Rights of Young Child
Rajasthan Seva Mandir
Bihar Nidan
Jharkhand Chotanagpur Sanskritik Sangh (CSS)
Uttar Pradesh Vigyan Foundation
Uttarakhand HIMAD

An initiative was taken in expanding the network in other states also. This exercise came into fore during the regional consultations in developing an advocacy document on the status of young child in India. Following partners have taken interest in the FORCES agenda and also initiated activities in the area of ECCD:

Haryana Adi Gram Samiti
Himachal Pradesh Jan Abhiyan Sanstha
Madhya Pradesh Mahila Chetna Manch
North East Guwahati and Manipur

For more information logon to FORCES website