Action Research

Action Research on Women’s Labour Migration in India
Supported by: ILO’s Work in Freedom Project


  1. Women Migrant Workers in India Policy Perspectives
  2. Macro-Data Analysis of Women’s Employment and Migration
  3. Political Economy of New Labour Regime and Women Labour in India
  4. Migrant Workers and Law in India
  5. Trafficking and Migration in India: Legal Challenges
  6. The Journey towards a law for placement agencies in Delhi
  7. Agrarian Crisis, Women and Seasonal Migration
  8. Gender Dimensions: Migration and a Public Works Programme(MGNREGA)
  9. Domestic Workers in India: Conditions, Organisation, and Policy Initiatives
  10. Nurses in India: Precarious employment, migration and resistance
  11. Regimes of work in the textiles and garment industry in India
  12. Women workers’ predicament in North Bengal tea plantations
  13. Women Migrants in India’s Construction and brick kiln Industry
  14. Sugarcane Workers in Maharashtra
  15. Unfree Mobility: Adivasi Women’s Migration

Working Papers

  1. Women Migrant Workers in Indian Policy Perspectives, Indrani Mazumdar, Working Paper # 1
  2. Macro-Data Analysis of Women’s Employment and Migration, Neetha N., Working Paper # 2
  3. Political Economy of New Labour Regime: A Focus on Women Labour in India, Sona Mitra and Satyaki Roy, Working Paper # 3
  4. Migrant Workers and Law in India, K. Chandru, Working Paper # 4
  5. Trafficking and Migration in India – Vulnerable Workers, Tamil Nadu Law School, Working Paper # 5
  6. The Journey towards getting the law for placement agencies, Aparna Bhat, Working Paper # 6
  7. Agrarian Crisis and Women (and seasonal migration), Jaideep Hardikar, Working Paper # 7
  8. Gender Dimensions in Migration amd a Public Works Programme, Dimple Tresa Abraham, Working Paper # 8
  9. Domestic Workers, Kiran Moghe, Working Paper # 9
  10. Nurses in India: Migration, Precarious Employment Conditions and Resistance, Mary E. John, Working Paper #10
  11. Regimes of Work in the Textile and Garment Industry in India: A review of some of the literature, M V Shobhana Warrier, Working Paper # 11
  12. Women Workers in the Export Ready-made Garments Industry, Supriya Roy Chowdhury, Working Paper # 12
  13. Workers in the Organised Sector of Construction Industry: Working Conditions of Women Workers and the Effectiveness of Legal Aid, Chaitanya K, Working Paper # 13
  14. Women Migrants in the Brick Kiln Industry: A Study on the Conditions of Female labourers in brick kilns, Prayas Centre for Labour Research and Action, Working Paper # 14
  15. The Price of Tea: Women workers’ Predicament in North Bengal Tea Plantations, Rinju Rasaily, Working Paper # 15