Research Projects

CWDS faculty is engaged with research on diverse themes. Faculty research areas reflect engagement with contemporary themes as well as newer areas of concern within the broad framework of CWDS objectives. Research by CWDS faculty combines qualitative and quantitative methods including micro-studies, macro-data sets, oral narratives and ethnography. The broad research areas of faculty currently include:

  • Globalisation, Women and Work
  • Democracy, Politics and Governance
  • Rights of the Child Early Child Marriage
  • Sex Ratios
  • Law and systems of justice
  • Statistics and gender indicators
  • Migration and Citizenship
  • Labour, Law and Migration
  • Women and Violence
  • Gender and Conflict
  • Gender and Education
  • Women and Health
  • Histories of women’s movements
  • Women’s Studies and Feminism
  • Gender and Disability

Research Projects

  • Interrogating Violence against Women from the Other Side: An exploratory Study in the World of Perpetrators- supported by NHRC
  • Violence against Women and Girls with Physical Disabilities in India: Understanding the Issues and Promoting Legal Empowerment – supported by South Asia Women’s Fund (SAWF)
  • Book Project: Springer Critical Disability Studies in a globalizing World
  • Commemorating a Hundred Years of Rosa Luxemburg – her Life, Ideas and Works (2019) (supported by Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung)
  • Action Research on Women’s Labour Migration in India (Supported by: ILO’s Work in Freedom Project)
  • The Search for Alternatives: Women’s Equality and Socialism in the Indian Context (2019) and Sympoium and Comic Workshops
  • Partnership with ARAB, Swedish Archives for Labour History to explore cross continental/Regional trends and Perspectives around the Changing Contours of Women’s Work
  • Maternity Care Provision, Medical Dominance and Healthcare Market in India, Funded by ICSSR
  • Documentation of Successful Case Studies of Water Conservation initiatives under MGNREGS (for National Water Conclave).
  • Laws of Social Reproduction – (Collaboration with Kings College, London)
  • The Care Economy in India
  • Engendering Change: Exploring the interlinkages between Marriage, Disability, Sexuality and Knowledge Building in India from a Women’s Studies perspective (Funded by Ford Foundation)
  1. Analysing Early and Child Marriage in India: The Interlocking Markets of Education, Marriage and Work
  2. Intersectional Analysis on Disability and Sexuality
  3. Knowledge Gateway on Women’s Studies in South Asia and Creating a Digital Archive of Grey Literature on Women’s Studies
  4. Building Capacities of Women’s Studies Centres in Regional Contexts
  • From Memory to History (Funded by CWDS)
  • National Crèche Scheme for the Children of Working Mothers and Impact on Women in the Labour Market in India (Sponsoring Agency-  ILO)
  • The Gender of Democracy: A South Asian Comparison’ (Funded by ICSSR)
  • Schedule Caste Girls and Access to Higher Education: Exploring their Experiences in Natural Sciences – (Funded by ICSSR)
  • Mother’s Negotiating for Daughters’ (Higher) Education: Studying the Intersection of Caste, Class and Gender in Balmiki Community’ (supported by CWDS)

Short Projects

  • Analysing Policy Document as a Text: Education in Delhi
  • Minor Forest Produce & Livelihood in Bankura: A Gender Analysis
  • Women Negotiating Space & Work: A Study on Quasi-Live-In Domestic Workers in Lutyens Delhi
  • Education is the Recipe for all Ailments
  • North East Migrant Women in Service Sectors: Evidence from Manipuri women in Delhi and NCR regions
  • Current status of GRC (Gender Resource Centre) supported women SHGs in Delhi
  • हिंदी रीडरजाति और जेंडर