Working Papers

  1. Women Migrant Workers in Indian Policy Perspectives, Indrani Mazumdar, Working Paper # 1
  2. Macro-Data Analysis of Women’s Employment and Migration, Neetha N., Working Paper # 2
  3. Political Economy of New Labour Regime: A Focus on Women Labour in India, Sona Mitra and Satyaki Roy, Working Paper # 3
  4. Migrant Workers and Law in India, K. Chandru, Working Paper # 4
  5. Trafficking and Migration in India – Vulnerable Workers, Tamil Nadu Law School, Working Paper # 5
  6. The Journey towards getting the law for placement agencies, Aparna Bhat, Working Paper # 6
  7. Agrarian Crisis and Women (and seasonal migration), Jaideep Hardikar, Working Paper # 7
  8. Gender Dimensions in Migration amd a Public Works Programme, Dimple Tresa Abraham, Working Paper # 8
  9. Domestic Workers, Kiran Moghe, Working Paper # 9
  10. Nurses in India: Migration, Precarious Employment Conditions and Resistance, Maya  John, Working Paper #10
  11. Regimes of Work in the Textile and Garment Industry in India: A review of some of the literature, M V Shobhana Warrier, Working Paper # 11
  12. Women Workers in the Export Ready-made Garments Industry, Supriya Roy Chowdhury, Working Paper # 12
  13. Workers in the Organised Sector of Construction Industry: Working Conditions of Women Workers and the Effectiveness of Legal Aid, Chaitanya K, Working Paper # 13
  14. Women Migrants in the Brick Kiln Industry: A Study on the Conditions of Female labourers in brick kilns, Prayas Centre for Labour Research and Action, Working Paper # 14
  15. The Price of Tea: Women workers’ Predicament in North Bengal Tea Plantations, Rinju Rasaily, Working Paper # 15