Khundongbam Gyanabati Devi



  • PhD (Social Anthropology) University of Delhi, New Delhi
  • MPhil (Social Anthropology) University of Delhi, New Delhi
  • MSc. (Anthropology) University of Delhi, New Delhi

Her specialization and research interest focuses on areas evolving on medical anthropology, public health issues, studies on women and child development.

Major Publications


  • Khundongbam, G., P. C. Joshi and M. M. Singh. 2012. Perception of Childhood Diarrhea in Langmeidong Village, Manipur. South Asian Anthropologist. 12, 2:135-140. (ISSN: 0257-7348)
  • Khundongbam. G., 2015.  Socio-cultural Beliefs on Malnutrition of Children among Kabui tribes of Manipur. Tribal Tribune. Vol. 7, Issue 4, 2015 (ISSN: 2249-3433)
  • Khundongbam. G., 2013-14 “Beliefs Regarding Diet during Childhood Diarrhea in Langmeidong Village, Manipur”.   Humankind, the Journal of Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sanghalaya. Vol.9-10, (ISSN: 0973-3124)
  • Beishamayum D.S., Kenedy.M., Khundongbam. G. Youth and Alcohol: A Case Study at Andro Village, Manipur. IJCRT. Vol.6. Issue 1. 2018 (ISSN: 2320-2882)

Chapters in Edited Volume

  • 2019. “Cultural Practices Relating to Management of Breastfed Infant Diarrhoea”, in Issues and Perspectives in Anthropology (eds.) Rawat Publications, New Delhi. ISBN 9788131608753
  • Khundongbam. G., 2016. “Urbanization and its Implication on Health and Nutrition: A case of Delhi- the National Capital city of India”, In Vinod Bhardwaj and Nandakumar N Sawant, eds. “South Asia: Intra- regional Conflict and Cooperation”. G.B. Books publishers & Distributor, New Delhi